Schilderijen - Paintings

The creative process is not linear. It is cylical, spiralling and multi-dimensional. The dynamic starts with an impulse of expansion: an outward movement- which at its 'edges' changes into rest/stasis. This phase then moves into contraction which can entail a dynamic integration or a falling apart, followed by another expansion and so the cycle continues.
This heartbeat or breath of life, the 'life pulse' intrigues and inspires me. This rhytmical process is the primal expression of life, found in everything we know and experience.
All stages are interesting and interconnected.

Material mirrors/recent

waterkant, 2018
200 x 85 cm, acryl op linnen


Horizons 21/ Kiemkracht stase, 2016
150 x 140 cm. acryl op linnen


Uncloak, 2007, 150x150cm, acryl op linnen, verkocht

Uncloak, 2007, 150x150cm, acryl op linnen, verkocht